Have a better time online with these FREE desktop hacks.

Make your life better – it is a gradual thing. You find stuff that stacks well to boost productivity and increase your digital well being. I have a lot of fun finding new cool apps that are FREE!! and deliver so much value – here is the list of apps I currently use to manage my business and personal life:



Get smart


Get smart for free – Grammarly isn’t 100% comprehensive but its X% better than what you would be without it. It will do the heavy lifting for you. I’m also liking the beta version for Gsuite. Grammarly has a paid plan with premium extras if you are so inclined – I’m happy with the free plan. There are other paid apps like Hemmingway etc. I haven’t found the need to explored them. 

Have fun


the gateway drug to design fun that won’t ruin your life. You may outgrow it and move to the Adobe suite for Photoshop – but in the process, you will immediately be able to create everything from cool logos, business cards, and invoices. Also, I have an article on other creative apps out there that are free! Check it out here.

Organise your thoughts & schedule:

Notes (Mac)

they integrate your iPhone and your desktop notes app through your Apple ID – You can use audio dictation and speak into your phone and it will transcribe your words! non-mac solutions like keep (Google) do a similar thing through the Google drive – I have tried it out but I think I’ll stay with Mac on this one.

Gsuite (free trial for business)

Get off Microsoft word, ditch the confusing ICloud experience. No nonsense, autosave access to user-friendly documents, spreadsheets, presentations, all the templates you need + Access to the google drive + the google calendar! Awesome.


by Australian company Atlassian, awesome – scrap any other planner, card system, project manager – throw out your diary. Trello over-delivers to the point you question why it’s free! It’s crazy! The mobile app is seamless and awesome! Get onto it. I integrate it with a time tracking app Clockify – it does the job to track time but it’s hard to get familiar and in the habit of tracking time to tasks.

Security isn’t sexy but it will save you heartache

Last pass 

Password manager. No more sticky notes, no more stress. It suggests strong passwords for any new accounts you create online, stores, and serves them for your convenience. (can be a little glitchy but it’s free! Looking at one password paid plan). (google passwords kinda do this also if you’re using the chrome browser – it isn’t 100%)


2FA – Two-factor authenticator – yeh it seems excessive till you get hacked! Get with it early, it’s not a big deal to set up but will make a big impact on your online security.

Browser hacks – you’re missing out 

Chrome browser

I like the look and feel, the free plugins, and the nice integration with my Gsuite account! I do test my sites on other browsers like Safari and Firefox but chrome is my personal preference.

Dark Reade

my favourite chrome extension – Be kind to your eyes & read longer online. I’m new to Dark reader. I have messed around with Flux desktop app that cuts blue light but I notice a difference when I’ve been reading screens all day it’s getting dark in my room and I switch to the dark reader it takes the load off my eyes!

Full Page screen capture

My other trusted chrome plugin. It comes in handy – if you have ever needed it and couldn’t manage it – you will enjoy this one.

Ublock origin

Stop popups! That’s great – don’t have to sell this one any further.