How to start a business in Australia

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Australian Business Number (ABN)

What – When you are trying to start a business in Australia the first step is an ABN – An 11 digit number used to identify your business to the government and potential customers.

Why – Legal requirement for selling products/services, ordering and invoicing. How – To register visit –

Cost – FREE.

Business/Trading Name

What – Business in Australia either trade on your personal name or with a trading name other than your ‘Full Name’ e.g. Cruickshanks Agency.

Why – If you would like your business to be identified by a more appropriate name or to protect your personal identity.

How – To purchase visit – + check the pro tips below!

Cost – $37 for 1yr or $87 for 3yrs.

Pro tips:

- Check the availability of your desired business name on social media applications.
- Do not choose a name that is close to a competitors, you will harm your SEO and confuse customers.
- Check that the domain name is available, also check the price of the domain! (see next step)

Domain Name

What – A domain name is the internet address used to identify and link customer to your businesses website (e.g. When starting a business in Australia you can use a to show customers you are an Australian business. 

Why – An accurate domain name helps customers find your website, increases conversion and profit potential.

How – Visit – Buy .com,, .net and .org of ‘yourbusinessname’.

Just buy the domains nothing extra (e.g. premium dns). Save log in details for your website developer.

Cost – $10-20yr per domain name.


GSUITE Business Account

What – GSUITE offers easy to use email, calendar, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, file storage and much more.

Why – GSUITE links these essential apps providing you an easy and seamless work flow. We use GSUITE and recommend it highly.

How – Visit and follow the prompts for the free trial offer. Cost – Basic Plan starts at $8.40/month.

Pro tips:

- Set up your email as + Register for Google My Business.

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Business Website

What – An online home for your business that works for you while you rest.

Why – Portray a professional image, build trust, sell products/services, communicate with your customers, and increase profits without any physical labour.

How – Visit our website – contact us for a free chat – let’s design and build something that will make you proud and get your business going.

Cost – Depending on scale and your goals – we work with all budgets and clients – nothing too big or small.

Social Media Pages

What – Facebook business page, Instagram business page, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Why – Platforms to post valuable content, advertise and communicate with customer to funnel them to your website to make sales.

How – Visit each social media platform – follow prompts.

Cost – FREE – (advertising costs variable).

Pro tip - Websites with valuable, updated content perform best with customers and rank higher in search engines such as Google. Ask about ongoing updates and maintenance for your business website.

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Web & Social Content


What – Written copy, images, video, graphics, illustrations.

Why – Content is used to identify, communicate and sell your business to customers.

How – You can write your own content, capture images and video on your smart phone, use apps like Canva to create graphics and edit your content.

Cost – Canva Pro is $9.95 a month OR Contact us.

Business Admin

What – Business bank account, accounting software, balance sheets.

Why – To clearly see the incoming profits and outgoing costs associated with your business.

How – Speak to your Accountant, keep a log of incoming and outgoings in a spreadsheet and start a bank account specifically for business related expenses.

Cost – FREE or Accounting Fees (approx. $250-500/hr)

Pro tip - Strong content is everything. It is what influences purchasing decisions. Ask us about bundle deals and preferred professionals we use for the task.

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Google Ad Campaigns

What – Display ads to high intent customers using certain search terms.

Why – To target customers who are searching on google for your product or service (e.g. ‘Plumbers Sydney’) with the goal of increasing the number of calls or visits to your website.

How – Google Ads account and configuration of an ad campaign + Google My Business optimisation.

Cost – Charged on a Pay Per Click (customers clicking your ad action e.g. call or link) you can set your budget e.g. $11/day etc.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

What – Display ads within the apps to target users of particular demographic, interest and value groups.

Why – To increase your reach to customers who would value but are not aware of your product/service.

How – Boosting posts within FB or IG or creating campaigns in the Facebook Business portal.

Cost – Advertising budget can vary from $15/day+.

Pro tip - Run a strong campaign with a purposeful landing page and strong Google My Business profile.

Pro tip - Campaigns from the business portal that include an offer - a purpose built landing page and are tracked by a pixel are more effective than boosted posts.

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Search Engine Optimisation

What – The optimisation of your website to display favourably in search engine results pages for key words.

Why – To rank higher in search results pages (like Google Ads) free of charge.

How – Read our post on SEO + consult your web professional.

Cost – A correctly built and maintained website.

Content Marketing

What – Blogs, Vlogs, Infographics etc that provide value to your customer base.

Why – To deliver real value for free in exchange for attention and purchases from your customer base.

How – Write, film, capture and publish across social channels and website. Include real value and a clear call to action in each post. We use a combination of the Adobe Suite and Canva Pro to design and edit our content.

Cost – Your time on the learning curve 🙂 (Read our blog for tips)

Pro tip - Video is high impact. You want to be as information dense and as high impact as possible. This guide is an example of content marketing.

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Economics 101

  • Know what type of market you are in (perfect competition, oligopoly, monopoly, monopolistic competition).
  • Know how to compete in the market you’re in.
  • Does your business benefit from a low marginal cost of replication, economies of scale, or network effects?
  • Are there low barriers to entry to your business?
  • How intense is the competition?
  • Is there a demand or supply surplus currently?
  • What emerging political, economic, environmental forces can impact your business?


Marketing *ABRIDGED*

  • Why would you buy your product/service from you vs. someone else doing the same thing?
  • What problem are you solving?
  • How are you solving it?
  • Is the need you are solving realised by your potential customers?
  • How big is your intended audience?
  • Who are your customers? What are their hopes and dreams?
  • Are they trendy early adopters? outliers? or the later adapters?
  • How do you plan to compete in the market?
  • You need Product – Market – Founder (you) fit.
  • Some tactics you need to leverage this are mentioned earlier in this guide – also contact our team with any questions 🙂
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