Price is a hot topic. We know you can't work with the common 'It depends' answer. This page is to help you make your business decisions comfortably.

We meet countless referrals and clients looking for marketing help. Price is always a vital part of these discussions. We get it – cost matters in the decision-making process.
It isn’t easy to provide fixed costs as each project does differ. Below we give you realistic price ranges based on the current market and our past clients.

What does a typical client spend with Cruickshanks Agency?

Company size, what you need, and how quickly you need it done influence price. The typical client spends between $100,000 – 250,000 AUD per year. This is an extensive range, we will dive into this below.

Our average client spends $8500 with Cruickshanks Agency monthly. You will be working with an expert Australian-based team directly to address their business problems and goals. Some clients choose more committed programs that progress more quickly and cost more.

Often, businesses need additional services to help speed up their progression. They often choose to work with us on key marketing campaigns (e.g. SEO, Paid ads, content marketing, etc.).

Cruickshanks Agencies Key Service: 360 Advisory

Most clients approach our agency for our 360 Advisory. We tie together their entire marketing approach as a business. Clearly define what is and what is not working, and create clear steps to improve the following year across all channels.

We work closely with our clients in 90-day milestones.

EMERGENCY INTERVENTION $12,500 / month (12-month engagement)

$8500 / month (18-month engagement)

$6500 / month (24-month engagement)

We do provide customised engagements for enterprise clients.

No setup fees

CATOOLKIT ACCOUNTS – $199per user.

In this video Our Founder Brett explains the benefits and costs of our 360 Advisory.

What if I am not ready to dive straight in?

Commitment issues? If you aren’t ready to jump right in, CA offers 360 Audits, Workshops, and Online learning to align your company, train your staff and build your strategy.

The 360 Audit.

Our 360 audit gives you a birdseye view of your company’s marketing performance. Identifies the low-hanging fruit and offers actionable steps to address – small issues, missed revenue, and opportunities.

The 360 Workshop.

The 360 workshop gives a foundation of principles to set your company up for marketing success. The workshop costs $4,500.


The 360TOOLKIT arms your team with the tools, templates, and support to plan your marketing strategy.

The toolkit offers how-to guides, turn-key templates, and automated processes to accelerate your team’s progress.

There are Free and pro-level tears which cost $79-199 per month.

Can I Hire CA to do my marketing for me?

Common question. We empower your team with our advisory and resources to develop a marketing team better than money can buy. We see the best result when the company takes ownership of its marketing channels.

You know your business better than anyone. This knowledge is the mast to your sail of success.

We will guide your efforts to turn leads into customers – and you will do this at a more effective and cost-effective rate than if we do it for you.

We will train your marketing team to use our principles and systems to drive your success.

The only implementation work Cruickshanks Agency does for clients is web design and development, paid search, and social ads.