How to get a professional email in 6 min.

To get a professional email you will need a domain name!Ā 

if you don’t have one click our affiliate link here –Ā 

If you already have a domain name with a website live – you will need to see the next video or talk to your web developer…

Step by step instructions:Ā 
  • VisitĀ 
  • Click Free Trial
  • Enter business name – number of employees and your countryĀ 
  • Enter contact informationĀ 
  • Select if you have a domain or not – if you do not – Go to then select i have a domain nameĀ 
  • Enter domain nameĀ 
  • VerifyĀ 
  • Accept sharing your details if comfortableĀ 
  • Enter username and password – verify through recaptchaĀ 
  • Go to set upĀ 
  • Copy txt recordĀ 
  • Go to name cheap dashboardĀ 
  • Click ‘Manage’ on the domain you are setting up for the emailĀ 
  • Name servers: Then check that the DNS is on basic Namecheap DNSĀ 
  • Go to advanced DNSĀ 
  • Add newĀ  recordĀ 
  • select TXT recordĀ 
  • Host: @ – Paste: txt record – click: green tickĀ 
  • Select Gmail in mail settingsĀ 
  • Go back to google workspace scroll to bottom and click verifyĀ 
  • You can set up more users here is you have more team membersĀ 
  • Click skip for now if it is just youĀ 
  • Click send test emailĀ 
  • Click go to GmailĀ 
  • Check for the test emailĀ 
  • If you have received it then you have successfully set up your professional email!
    WELL DONE šŸ™‚Ā 
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