How to use a WordPress website. (Mac)

Table of Contents

Add new products

Prepare your images

*Ensure your images are all the same ratio (e.g. all landscape, portrait, or square).
*Images are less than 1mb each.
*Ensure your images are at least 1000px wide (If we have built your website we will advise).

  • To check your image size – Right click – Get info – Read. 
  • If too large open in Preview (Mac) > Tools > Adjust Image Size 
    *keep resolution: 100

Add product to wordpress

  • Go to WordPress dashboard –
  • Click Products > Add New
  • Add Product Name 
  • The section below Product Name is for a lengthy description 
  • Add Price 
  • Add Inventory 
  • Add Product Short Description
  • Add Category 
  • Add Tags (if applicable)
  • Add Product Image (this is the primary image)
  • Add Product Gallery Images (these are supporting images)
  • Click Publish 
  • Then check the URL and test 🙂 

Add a Blog Post

*Draft your post in an unformatted editor (e.g. Notes for Mac)

  • Log into your dashboard
  • Go to posts on the left sidebar
  • Click new post 
  • Add title 
  • Add category 
  • Add a feature image (with specs provided by developer or to suit theme)
  • Click edit with Elementor 
  • Click the folder button in editor 
  • Add a one column section 
  • Go to the widgets button 
  • Select and drag text editor widget into the section you added 
  • Paste your text into text editor on left side panel.
  • Preview your post
  • Click Publish 
  • Exit 

How to change banner video/image

*prepare your video/image for upload.


– less than 10-15 seconds

– 5mb max file size

– sized for 720p-1080p

Banner Images

– 2500px wide

– 1mb max file size 

  • Go to WP-Dashboard 
  • Click Media 
  • Add New 
  • Upload your prepared file
  • Now click on your file in media library (for video only)
  • Copy the File URL (for video only)
  • Click Pages 
  • Select Home Page 
  • Select Edit with Elementor
  • right click on banner video 
  • Select Edit Section 
  • Click Style tab on the left tool bar
  • Select video or image as background type 
  • Insert the file URL of the video you copied earlier or select image uploaded
  • Set background fallback

How to change fonts

Global Font Change – changing fonts throughout the entire site.
  • Click the hamburger menu. in the top left 🍔
  • Select site settings
  • Click Global Fonts 🌎
  • Configure to suit

Specific Font Changes – changing one instance of the font.
  • In the page editor.
  • Right click the section you would like to change.
  • Select Edit Heading.
  • Select Title > Typography.
  • Configure Family > Size > Weight etc.

Add Testemonials

Online Store Instructions (Woo Commerce)

How to change the price font


WP dash > Elementor tab > Theme builder > Single product page > Select price > Edit > Typography > Update.