How We Resurrected A Failing App And Got It Acquired By An Industry Leader.

My work with the Goodwork app was extensive. My 8 month journey with the business began with an unprofitable app on life support and ended with a successful acquisition by Build Exact. My work was top down, changing the entire product from an unprofitable networking app to a monetised HR platform for tradesman to find jobs and workers.
I was able to cut ad spend by 50% and simultaneously increase app downloads by 30% with high value users.
I started with user interviews and testing. Prompting a quick pivot from what a user called ‘useless networking’ to providing a sought after localised recruitment service value for tradesman.
I was able to also monetise the app brining in the first revenue $$$ the app had received in the 3yrs of its operation. Monetisation as through offering brand partnerships and advertising opportunities to other trade focused business including HNRY, Airtasker and more.
Our work included:
  • New Product Strategy
  • New Marketing Strategy
  • New Google App, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram Ads
  • New Landing Pages
  • Website Redesign
Late last year I jumped onto a project for the Reece Group as part of Superseed ventures for the Goodwork app. The app was a disaster. Ad spend of 20k to drive app downloads, some ads were so bad they were costing the business $5000+ for a single app download.
The mission of the app itself was broad and ineffective. Coined as the tradie network, a Linkedin for construction workers they were struggling and the tradies were not loving it.
The app was receiving numerous bad reviews on the app store. users were confused by the messaging and often mistook the app for a marketplace to find tradesman to work on ones home, like Hi Pages.
I jumped in turned the ship. Conducted market and user research and pushed the app into the recruitemnt space. Goodwork became where tradies can find the top jobs and employers could find the top tradies looking for work.
New ads,
New creative
New messaging
New landing pages
I reduce budget by 50% and increased monthly user acquisition by 30% overall.
I monetised the app by brokering advertising partnerships with other trade focused businesses.