How To Automate Your SEO Content.

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  • Websites SEO health Is good (Take Health Check Here) 
  • You have your keywords ready (Start Your Keyword Research Here)

Check search intent

  • search the term in google.
  • check if it is a blog that is listing #1 or a video, recipe, event, etc. – this shows what content type is set for this keyword – writing a blog will not help you rank.
  • ask the question “are the search terms aligned with your product? e.g. HR based app content should be recruitment-based. Something a job seeker would be searching for e.g. corporate cover letter template, interview tips, how to get a pay rise etc.

Check competition

  • Go to the top 3 results
  • What is their word count? What elements make up the page?
  • What are their headings?
  • What are their FAQs?
  • What is their CTA?

Check Googles People Always Ask Section


Copy the headings (KEEP THEM IDENTICAL)

Copy the answers –>
Quilbot Spin process

People Always Ask Section = Your FAQ Section On Your Service Page or Your Inspiration For Your Next Blog Post. 

Content Spinning

Copy top 3 ranked competitions content.

Paste into – PARAPHRASE

Paste into Grammarly – CHECK PLAGERISM IS 0% + FINSESSE 

This is the bulk of your service page content. 

Technical Pass Criteria For Service Page

  • H1 must be the keyword
  • Keyword in the title tag
  • Keyword in the meta description
  • H2 must include the keyword
  • Section for other areas at the bottom
  • FAQs (from people also ask section)
  • Permalink must contain the keyword
  • Alt text of any images must contain the keyword
  • Content must be 1000 words or 200 more than top competitor result
  • 0% duplicate (excluding headers and footers)
  • Include Job listings (schema for job listings
  • Job requests must be unique – cannot use on every page (if using them)