Setup / Strategy

  • Pick an SEO Tool e.g. ahrefs Research competitor’s keywords
  • Pick your keywords
  • Map Keywords to Website / Product pages
  • Research competitors backlinks
  • Make a list of potential backlinks Research competitors top pages
  • Make note of copy/content on top pages Website (general)


  • Download an SEO plugin
  • Build Service / Product Pages
  • Improve Google Site Speed
  • Check XML site maps are installed
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Install Google Search Console
  • Install Analyitify on WordPress(optional)
  • Build Blog archive + Single Pages
  • Set up permalink structure
  • Structure Schema
  • Pass Google Mobile Accessibility test

Landing Page

  • H1 must be the keyword
  • Keyword in the title tag
  • Keyword in the meta description
  • H2 must include the keyword
  • Section for other areas at the bottom FAQs (from people also ask section)
  • Permalink must contain the keyword
  • Alt text of any images must contain the keyword
  • Content must be 1000 words or 200 more than the top competitor result 0% duplicate (excluding headers and footers)
  • Include correct schema
  • Testimonials must be unique