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I got into web and graphic design through curiosity and burrowing down online rabbit holes. In the process I developed this list of cool tools you will have fun with. I am not affiliated with any of these companies, i’m just a big fan.



Canva is awesome – I’ve called it the gateway drug to design that just scales better as a life decision. It can do everything easily – logos, business cards, birthday cards, invoices, resumes and social content for your business.

ConsYou will outgrow it if you want to tailor your design for web or want to take the possibilities of design further. 

Pros: The good news is you’re going to have a lot of fun and probably deliver something of value in the meantime.


Color hunt 

I love this app for choosing colour palettes! The interface looks great and easy to use. You can browse trending and popular palettes as a starting point – Then refine your search as you get more particular. Easily copy and paste the colour codes for web and graphic design.



One of the best licence free platforms for images you can incorporate into your web designs. I love this site I use it all the time – there are many others but I keep coming back to this one. Enjoy!


Google Fonts

Google fonts are awesome. Get your typography just right and explore and extensive library of free fonts. My personal favourites are Poppins, Roboto & Roboto mono.