How We Resurrected A Failing App And Got It Acquired By An Industry Leader.

My work with the Reece Group as part of Superseed Ventures for the Goodwork app was extensive. My 8 month journey with the business began with an unprofitable app on life support and ended with a successful acquisition by Build Exact.  My work was top down, changing the entire product from an unprofitable networking app […]

Festival Site Crashing? 5 Steps To Crash Proof Your Site

Festival crashes suck. For your brand, for ticket sales… It’s all bad.Many developers fall short in the planning and development phase of the website. To date not one of our festival websites has crashed.  Our 5 part crash proof formula is as follows: You must check if your plug-ins, theme and WordPress software are up […]

How To Automate Your SEO Content.

Video Coming Soon… Prerequisites Websites SEO health Is good (Take Health Check Here)  You have your keywords ready (Start Your Keyword Research Here) Check search intent search the term in google. check if it is a blog that is listing #1 or a video, recipe, event, etc. – this shows what content type is set […]


SEO Master Checklist

Setup / Strategy Pick an SEO Tool e.g. ahrefs Research competitor’s keywords Pick your keywords Map Keywords to Website / Product pages Research competitors backlinks Make a list of potential backlinks Research competitors top pages Make note of copy/content on top pages Website (general) Website Download an SEO plugin Build Service / Product Pages Improve […]

How To Write Blogs For SEO

Table of Contents “They Ask You Answer…” Blogs aim to answer top questions from potential customers. The best answers feature on the first page of Google. The best answers are determined by the criteria this checklist aims to address. How To Start Writing Your Blogs For SEO: Pick a popular/low competition question you would like […]

How to get a professional email in 6 min.

Professional email address

To get a professional email you will need a domain name!  if you don’t have one click our affiliate link here –  If you already have a domain name with a website live – you will need to see the next video or talk to your web developer… Step by step instructions:  Visit  […]